Kamis, 12 Maret 2009

Love is Poem of our Heart

Love Me with the Lights On

Stay with me
I grow softer at your touch
warm eyes, warm skin
and heartbeats that rush.
show me how
love should be shared
hands holding me close,
tangling my hair,
not asking much
no questions,

A Story From the Heart

I once heard a story straight from the heart
About a girl and how her world began to fall apart
It all started when she met the boy that made her life complete
Just thinking of him made her heart skip a beat
They were the couple everyone wanted to be
There were no imperfections as either one could see
As the weeks passed they fell more in love and were less aware
Of how often life turns out to be unfair
Until one day she finally gave in
She realized there was no way she could win
She said I'm sorry but i have to let you go
As he reached for her hand she pulled away whispering no
When she turned around a tear slid down her cheek
He just stood there speechless, forgetting how to speak
The next few days were the hardest at home
She truly felt she was all alone
Her mom pushed in her face how she had won
Her dad said "i knew he was just another one"
Her sister said "come on you'll be ok"
And her brother just tried to stay away
At school it was like her friends weren't even there
None of them seemed to really care
Her life had no more color, just black and white
Even getting out of bed turned into a fight
Despite their tries things just weren't like before
Then he decided "i don't wanna try anymore"
At that she tried to cut him out
But the more she ignored him the more her feelings began to shout
When she saw him that day she could no longer just walk by
And before she knew it her mouth opened up and out came "hi"
He looked up and said "so now we're talking?"
She just smiled and join his walking
Everyday they talked a little more
And everyday she began to like him a little less then before
As the months passed by she became more and more aware
About how its ok life's unfair
Because eventually everything becomes your past
But your memories will always last
And with that i hope you see
Not all love is meant to be
But hold on and don't give in
Stand tall, hold up your chin
And believe me when i say
The right one will come one day
He'll open your eyes to things you couldn't ever see
I know this because..this is a story all about me...

I love you

Sweet baby I
love you for real
I can't explain
just how I feel
You are to me
a special love
And the love I
feel is from above
To never hurt you
is my true desire
Yet right now
my heart is on fire
It burn in away
I can't explain
Completely different
from other pains
It's sadness
yet joyful too
yet hopes crushed
Still strongly unbearable
yet copes
Baby I love you

One Wish

If I had one wish.
If one desire could come true.
If I had one wish.
My wish would be you.

If I could choose.
I would stay in your arms forever.
Our hearts would fuse.
And our love would become an endeavor.

I would wish for you to stay with me.
For you to be my love.
You would be my hearts key.
Forever my angel, my dove.

Forever is a long time.
To require in a single command.
I will write our love in a rhyme.
For it would be my demand.

I would ask of this.
Only with your permission.
Lost in a kiss.
Our love is my ambition.

So I wished upon the star.
The star that reminded me most of you.
My actions seemed bizarre.
But this wish I had to pursue.

If I had one wish.
My wish would be you.
And since I made that wish.
My wish has come true...

To soon to say i love you...

Touch of your hand, look on your face.
Lets me know, you're not a disgrace
Holding me close and never letting go,
Reminds me of feels, you would see in a tv show.
This is right, I can feel it so pure
I"m just afraid you'll leave me here.
We've gotten so close, than what we expected
You have showed me what it's like to be respected.
Kiss of your lips, is so nice
Gives me chills, like I'm covered in ice.
I'm starting to fall, but i know it's to soon
I guess i'll have to wait till a full moon.
Your hands on my body, so soft to the touch
Makes me wonder is this love?
But like i said, it's way to soon
I should wait, till a cow jumps over the moon.

Too Late

The sun may raise tomorrow
And with it the feel of your lips depart
Sadness may sweep down
And the jagged spikes will kill my heart
A hand may run through your perfect hair
Perhaps it shall be the shadow of mine
Where in that place we may have met
And kindly our souls did intertwine
Stories may tell of a sacred love
And this could be an enchanted spell
That may captivate those who stay
And perhaps I shall be the last who fell
Trapped in this single desire
A need that may need to be fulfilled
And as the moon comes back
Perhaps the air will be stilled
Maybe you shall return
To that place where we may have met
And we could hold each other
And our eyes could set
Maybe there will be a fiery passion
To set all others to shame
And my icy heart
Can perhaps melt in the flame
But maybe a touch that runs so deep
Cannot quite be completed
Maybe it is far too late
Perhaps that part of us is defeated

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